Char array versus string

About the difference between c-strings supported by C/C++ and string template class in C++

Random C things – part I

Answers 10 random questions about C programming. Won't take long to read through !


Brief about the usage of keyword static in C/C++

Tip #1 : Customize Sublime

Learn how to customize sublime build system to compile multi-file cpp project in this 2 min blog.

Life After School…

Why we should Never stop learning ? And, about doing my bit to encourage young women pursue engineering as a career!

Talk a Bit about Bits!

Why Bits ? Given a high level system, the smallest unit we can define is a Byte. A byte consists of 8 bits of information. Bit-wise hacks are needed if you want to operate on data units smaller than a byte. Though the inputs to these operations is a byte, they operate on each bit ...

Recursive Functions

About the very basics of recursive function and stack overflow.