Stand with me ?

I. The Social Media

It’s been a while since I lasted posted here. There are other things happening in my life that are taking a lot of my time. But, I do want to get back to writing regularly. I hope to.

Meanwhile, I am back briefly today to talk about something that I have been thinking about for a while. I started my profile on Instagram (@geekgirldecodes) to share about things I enjoy, I care about and of course some everyday happiness in stories.

Thanks to social media, the way we connect is revolutionized. Our world is no more limited to the people around home, school or office, you can connect with people from varied backgrounds all around the globe. I love going through everyone’s posts and stories. They surely motivate me to keep going no matter how hard it gets, how tough the days are. It’s indeed a good source of  positive energy, that we all need from time to time !

I have received a few messages back on things I have shared until now,  about how it makes people happy to how it inspires people. Being inspiring was the last thing I ever thought of. That makes me think now, that we all are capable of inspiring someone. All it takes is some passion for what you do and a little time to share and connect with other folks.

II. Inspiration 

Who would have thought that you would actually find people who are into coding and technology on “instagram” ? But, trust me. I did find a lot of folks who are into this. Be it @codergirl_ , @estefanniegg,  @bigdatagal, @yoguely or @girlknowstech there are many girls out there, who are into diverse areas of engineering and also regularly share what they love. Their posts are most definitely engaging and am sure motivating to may other women out there. I am sure everyone is aware of the gender gap in the industry we work in. With amazing women like these, sharing their stories and making people aware of what they do, I do believe they are inspiring many many young women engineers out there to pursue what they love. Seriously, that is all it takes : sharing true passion and determination to do what you love-  that energy is infectious !!


I came to the United States from India, to pursue my graduate studies and have been here ever since.  Deciding to move far far away from my parent’s cocoon, where I lived a very protected life, has been the single most amazing decision I have ever made in my life. It opened up my perspective about life, made me independent while I slogged my way through the graduate studies. Although Indian society is thought of to be biased when it comes to women, I have been very fortunate to have a family, that has always been supportive of whatever I have wanted to pursue. I am sure a section of Indian girls reading shall surely relate to the next thing I am going to talk about.

I have been asked and told things like : “why do women need to study ?” , “isn’t marriage the ultimate goal for girls ?” , “what will you do with a career once you have a family and kid?” , not just by the uncles and aunts but also by some men my age. Yes, some guys my age have also asked me these questions. But, these things never stopped me from pursuing what I loved. I have only focused on attaining what I set out to do.  I did complete my Masters, my work as an intern at Intel resulted in a US patent and I have been working full-time at Q for a while now. So, I think I will keep going, as long as I want. I urge every girl out there to do the same.

And hence, today I want to speak for the girls out there, like the ones back in India, who may be feeling bogged down by many questions such as above. I feel you girls. But, all I want to say is keep doing what you love. You will have to make the best of the situation you are in. I understand there shall be limitations, but all I am saying is do not give up, easily ! Give it your best shot to pursue what you want, if  it matters to you. Don’t let the negativity get the best of you. Keep your focus and just keep going.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog about women in engineering, I do not believe the term engineer has a gender. We should not let “gender” dictate, what one should pursue or not.  With this blog, I wanted to seek help from each person who reads this in spreading this message of encouragement to all the folks out there who want to pursue something but may be feeling pulled down by situations or people around them, to keep going. As simple as that ! 🙂


I would love for you guys to show support to every girl out there. I also believe that it takes every one of us to make a difference. So, please do not hesitate in participating in this. I urge all of you to participate in spreading this positive message !

How do you participate in this ?

Really simple :

Use hashtag : #bewithW

  • Tag a “GUY” you think is awesome, is not gender biased and basically inspired/motivated you in some way. example : may be he has been part of a project and has let you lead or contribute without any gender bias or he takes part in initiatives targeted at women engineers, does his bit to encourage women around him or even as simple as he does his share of household chores is also helpful 🙂 , so you get the idea ! 🙂
  • Tag a “GIRL” you think is awesome , and has been inspiring in her own way . example : may be the way she balances family and work inspires you , may be she does her bit to encourage other girls, it can be anything !
  • can be your family member, classmate, colleague, preferably someone you personally know.
  • Write a line or two about them and share it with the hashtag and tag me (@geekgirldecodes) ?

I am just hoping this helps folks to see how much support they have all around  and this will be an interactive way to motivate each other and mainly urge folks to not be limited by gender and pursue whatever the heck they wish to! Hell yeah ! 🙂

Thank you in advance, if you participate in this and spread your share of positive vibes around. 🙂


  1. women are discouraged every step of the way. i suspect that too much blame is put on the internet and industry because those are the easiest to blame. but im sure that both could use some improvement anyway.
    girls are discouraged from before they go to school from taking up computing, and also in school. as a result, fewer girls identify with computers as a career choice or hobby. even girls that love computers still have cultural expectations that sometimes interfere with a computer-related choice of work. the solution will be broad and have more than one part.
    ive always thought everyone should try to learn more about computers and get comfortable/familiar with them. from there, its a natural career choice.

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    1. @codeinfig

      That is so true. I agree with you. I must add that it is encouraging to see that a lot more women are pursuing and exploring what they like these days. I just think more and more people should stand in support of women rather than question their choices at every step (that is predominantly the case at least in the place I am from). Hence, we need some awareness to be created around the subject.

      In this age of social media, it is not hard to get the message across. I just thought that – to recognize that inspiration and motivation is all around us and that there are people among us who are implicitly encouraging women in our everyday life, would be a tiny step towards creating this awareness.

      My two cents is that “how about we glorify these folks around us who are implicitly playing a role in helping women pursue what they want and helping fight gender bias” . How about we make “encouraging women the coolest thing” NOT questioning them for their choices every step of their way ! As most people like to follow trends and things that are “cool”. I would be the happiest if this would be a trend that people embrace 🙂 and spread the message – Hence I went the hashtag way #beWithW – be with women, just be – and hope that the rest will follow. 🙂



      1. great idea. good luck with it.

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