About Geekgirl

Hello There!

Welcome to my blog ~ ✍️

Geekgirl is my pen name and I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer currently employed full-time at Qualcomm Research, where I am involved in the effort pertaining to “Connecting- The unconnected” – essentially enabling Internet in the remote parts of the world.

The main idea behind this blog is to explore ways to simplify and encourage learning. The focus is to provide a simplistic view of  complex topics in computer science and programming by answering basic questions such as “why is this needed?” , “how does a computer work behind the scenes on the code? ., etc instead of directly diving into the derivations or the details of implementation (code). As Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Join me on this decoding journey as I cover various topics in Computer Science viz., Data structures and algorithms to things pertaining to Women in Engineering, DIY projects along with some other coder tidbits.

As an engineer nothing motivates me more than working on problems that impact everyday life. For me, the term engineer has no gender. For I believe that creating a world we envision for tomorrow, takes each one of us and the path to that is coming together and looking beyond the gender !

A ping is all it takes to connect with me, for my socket is always listening and on a lookout for something exciting to collaborate on. You can reach me at decodergirlblog@gmail.com

Disclaimer :

I currently work full-time at Qualcomm. However, this is my personal blog that I write during my off-time. Everything expressed here is my own opinion and has no relation to Qualcomm Technologies Inc

From enabling internet in the remote parts of the world to connecting everything around us with IoT to enabling split second inter-vehicular communications, there are innumerable challenges in the wireless technology space, that I am excited to be working on at Qualcomm. Do write to me if you want to learn more. 🙂

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