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Stand with me ?

I. The Social Media It's been a while since I lasted posted here. There are other things happening in my life that are taking a lot of my time. But, I do want to get back to writing regularly. I hope to. Meanwhile, I am back briefly today to talk about something that I have ...

Char array versus string

About the difference between c-strings supported by C/C++ and string template class in C++

TUPLES in Python

What happens to immutable objects, when they contain mutable types in Python : Python Tuples

Tail Recursion

If we want the memory consumption of an iterative approach and the elegance of a recursive implementation, then we would need to take a look at : Tail recursion! So, let’s start decoding this.

Byte Ordering

Understand endianness , detection and conversion from one form to another

Tidbit #01 , SETS in Python!

What are sets in Python , why would we need them ?