Project IoT


One of the industry buzzwords is, of course, the “Internet of Things” or IoT, essentially an all-connected eco-system. The last decade witnessed the evolution of the communication system, from a plain old telephone system to mobile devices with Internet on the go that has revolutionized the way people connect; this decade is going to be about people as well as connecting every “thing” around them and about data, data, and more data !!

With this project,  the basic plan is to explore what it means to be an all-connected eco-system, through a series of Arduino based DIY projects that shall enable us to get and use data from and also control “things” around us. Let’s talk to everything!

Disclaimer : This work is not sponsored by Arduino. I am doing this out of my personal interest in sharing simple DIY projects that you could use or your kids could try. Promise you it will be easy ! 😉 

 Skills and Cost

  1. Basic familiarity with programming and of course LOVE for the same ;).  I will post the most basic links to learn the skills on the way, so you don’t have to stress.
  2. You will need Arduino, some sensors, some other basic hardware – hopefully budget friendly – will post the cost as well as links to order them.
  3. If the circuitry is to be controlled using a mobile phone, I will be using an Android phone to send or receive commands to the circuits we build/design using a Bluetooth interface. Note: You could use a cheaper board that supports Android OS (such as Qualcomm 410c, again not sponsored, just letting you know of a cheaper alternative out there :)).
  4. Don’t forget lots of enthusiasm! Hop on now, let’s do this !!

Comment below and let me know if you are excited about this! 🙂


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