What is Holiday collab?

Holidays is the season of giving. Keeping this spirit in mind, I decided to take the social media game beyond just sharing and liking pictures!

So, this Holiday season of 2017, I have tried to collaborate with folks I connected with on Instagram – to gift you all some exciting geeky content here. The holiday blogs section shall encompass this and much more.

Join in to explore and read some amazing blogs written by me and various enthusiastic folks pertaining to data structures (isn’t it the perfect time to talk about trees? ;)), getting involved in STEM efforts, introduction to cloud computing and IoT and much more.

Big shout out to all the folks who spent a part of their holidays creating this for us. Thank you, guys! 🙂

Here is the holiday collab squad :

IMG_0061Roksi Freeman : Roksi has studied cognitive neuroscience at Hampshire, and is currently work at an open source education non-profit run out of MIT (OCW), where she is responsible for their neuroscience, linguistics and Bio-engineering departments. You can check out some other past and current projects, or her cv. She eventually plans to go to graduate school to study more neuroscience.

mayankMayak Patel: Currently a student in Computer Science. He is also a Machine learning enthusiast. He loves solving algorithmic problems and has developed a knack for the same. He looks forward to learning and growing in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.



Welcome 2018, the geeky way! 🙂



geekgirl and the #Holidaycollab squad! 🙂